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Marketing plays a vital role in the business organizations success. It represents the business! Paving the way for sales (revenue generation) and works to increase the market share. Organization success is impossible without successful marketing! DigiFram offers various marketing solutions for business organizations, to help them perform marketing tasks and activities, attract more customers, and achieve greater ROI for marketing.

Digitization and digital transformation

Day by day, the importance of digitization increases, and the digital transformation is increasing too, due to the added values it provides for business organizations, represented in increasing productivity and reducing operational costs, as well as the effective management of data, and its application in supporting decision-making systems. DigiFram provides digitization & digital transformation service for business organizations, by specialized solutions based on a detailed study of the requirements, to ensure maximum benefit and optimal employment for that transformation.

Human Resources

To succeed in the marketplace, business organization must -firstly- succeed in building the workplace, and the mainstay of it is the human resources! DigiFram provides effective solutions to build and develop human resources that operate and integrate the various business functions, to provide the products/services and create values the business specialized in.

Quality Management

The ability to meet customer requirements is the basic criterion for business organizations success; and it is also the core of the quality management work, which monitors business functions and activities to ensure that quality standards are applied to both processes and procedures (quality assurance) and products (quality control), and works to develop and integrate them continuously, to lead, in sum, to meet customer requirements and retain them.


The finance role in business organizations is always present in every detail; as every decision or activity has an equal financial impact; which demonstrates its role and importance in all business functions. DigiFram provides effective solutions that control financial performance, to ensure the regularity and stability of business activities, and to optimally employ its resources to maintain continuity that enables growth and expansion endeavors.


Procurement plays an important strategic role in increasing business organizations profitability, by providing the required materials to enable production continuity and regularity, and selecting the best sources of supply at best prices. DigiFram offers effective procurement solutions to carry out activities and tasks within the five success criteria: The “Right Quality”, The “Right Quantity”, The “Right Place”, The “Right Time”, The “Right Price”.

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